eating at dolci class

We host a culinary evening where participants gather, cook and eat together around one big cozy table. We share traditional preparation methods where guests learn how to make everything by hand with a menu focused on seasonal dishes and regionalcuisines (i.e. Lazio, Abruzzo, Campania, Molise, Tuscany).

The class is hands-on, all participants are involved in all the steps, getting to know both its preparation as well as its cultural importance. Our goal is to share with guests the enormous variety of Italian food with its grains, vegetables, and meats (typically we use less fish because of the high cost of local fish and overfishing).

Our mission:

– support sustainable farming by purchasing all possible ingredients from Lazio or Campania from small producers

– preserve and pass on traditional hand preparation methods

– spread local food knowledge and historical background

– create a social environment to talk about Italian culture, food and language

One thought on “Benvenuto!

  1. Hi,
    We’re a family of 5 kids ages 13, 10,6
    as part of our trip to Italy, we’re looking for a special event like a culinary meal to cook together the whole family.
    we’re in Rome on October 18-20,
    I would like to know if you have something suitable for us?
    We’re celebrating a special birthday for my son(13) he is a great pasta and italian food lover.
    I would love to hear of any options you have for us.
    Mrs Yael Keller

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